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#A2Testimony – Organ Donation
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misty blankenship and teresa hedrick


Teresa Hedrick was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease at the age of 25. She was eventually placed on the transplant list and posted about it on her Facebook page. Misty Blankenship saw the post. Both women are members of Acts 2 but didn’t really know each other at the time. Two and a half years ago, Misty felt God leading her to see if she was a match to donate her kidney to Teresa, and it turned out that she was.


Teresa and Misty shared their story about seeking God and being in community at Acts 2 in honor of National Donate Life month. Read their stories below and be encouraged by the way God used Acts 2 to bring these women together and radically change both of their lives.


Teresa Hedrick:

It's officially been two and a half years since I was given the gift of life, a new kidney from my dear friend and sister in Christ, Misty Blankenship. It has been an amazing time, unbelievable in many aspects.


My story, our story, is one of faith first and foremost. I truly believe God was in control throughout this entire journey. He brought Jeff and me to Oklahoma and to Acts 2 in 2009, and He kept us here when Jeff's job was going to move us to Indianapolis. God’s calling on Jeff's life kept us here in Edmond, leading him to leave the corporate world and begin working at Acts 2. I can't imagine what would have happened if we had moved to Indiana. I could have been on dialysis, and not able to work. I would have been on a transplant list just hoping and praying for a donor.


God had another plan. We don't believe things happen by coincidence! The whole process has been a major blessing to me. Through Acts 2, God brought me a new kidney and a new friendship with my sister in Christ, Misty.  


Since then, my kidney function has been excellent, dealing with the many different medications has not given me any problems, and the frequent doctors’ appointments and labs have been part of a regular routine. I thank God for all of this! Each day I thank Him for another day of life and the opportunities He has given me because of the transplant. I enjoy volunteering for LifeShare of Oklahoma, telling my story and encouraging others to become organ donors. 


Thank you church family for your many prayers during this time and your continued prayers! We love you all!


Misty Blankenship:

Donating a kidney - to say that it was a turning point in my life is not an exaggeration. Looking back, in one sense, it seems like a small bump in the road. It was two weeks of my life and then the recovery time. No big deal really. When I think about it, from the time God said, “You could be a living donor,” until now, the journey has been life changing!


You might think, “Well, yeah, you saved Teresa’s life!” But in all honesty, my life was changed in some pretty dramatic ways and I might even venture to say, literally saved, as well.


What started out as simply following God’s direction, became a channel of listening to and for His voice in all areas of my life. Meeting Teresa at Acts 2 and embarking on this journey has drastically changed how I live my life and how I seek the Lord.


To donate the kidney, I was required to lose weight. You know that saying, “If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it?” Well, that’s exactly what He did. God brought me a “quick solution” to lose that weight before the surgery, but that program turned into a whole new lifestyle. Good health, in general, is not a trait that runs in my family. I had mostly been the exception to that standard but had, like many, fought the weight battle for most of my adult life. After a certain age, I decided to quit fighting and I was most definitely losing the war. 


I never anticipated the complete lifestyle change and probably would have just gone back to fighting to stay within a healthy weight range. But as I said, I began to listen to God’s direction more and more and where He was leading me. Two and a half years later, I’m getting a clearer picture of the person God is literally shaping me into. My relationship with Him is deeper and stronger and more fulfilling than I could have imagined. 


One of my God-given gifts is that of being a teacher. So I would be remiss if I didn’t give a small lecture based on my experiences in all of this. Slow down, listen for His voice, obey, be patient, enjoy the journey and above all else, give Him the Glory!


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