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Service Over Self (SOS) Mission Trip
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By James Rose


In 1986, Christ United Methodist Church in Memphis, Tenn., launched Service Over Self (SOS). This organization’s goal and purpose is to build the Kingdom of God by serving some of the most vulnerable citizens in Memphis. SOS has repaired more than 1,000 homes primarily in the neighborhoods of Binghampton and Orange Mound.


Their mission statement proclaims: 


SOS exists to glorify God by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ in underserved neighborhoods through home repair and leadership development.


SOS accomplishes this by bringing in church youth teams from across the country. The teams, consisting of five to eight teenagers and two adults, are taught through ‘on the job training’ to re-roof homes. This past Sunday, a team from Acts 2 arrived in Memphis to serve alongside other churches. This is the third year we have sent a team.  


What inspires me most about SOS, and what has brought me back these past three years, is the growth I see in the youth students when they are here. Often the teams are nervous to be in the neighborhoods and/or on the roofs; however, the students constantly amaze me with their courage. This past Monday, for example, we arrived at our home and the homeowner came out to greet us. Every kid on our team, without being told, got out of the van and greeted her with words of welcome. After the work began, they made me even more proud because of how hard they worked and the amount they accomplished. Most of the new students were able to get on the roof today and the remaining ones will get to tomorrow. Every one of these students has learned new skills and achieved more than they thought possible. 


A trip like this is designed to show the kids what it means to serve God. It’s difficult, scary and uncomfortable work to roof a home. At the end of each day the kids are dirty, sweaty, tired and sore, but now they know a little of what they can accomplish through God. Even after the first day, I have seen increased confidence in the way they carry themselves. Quite a few of the kids were in our confirmation class this year where they were told what kingdom service was and what it meant to be a Christian. Now they are getting an opportunity to live it. 



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