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My Father… My Hero
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By Jeff Hedrick


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As we approach Father’s Day, I am reminded of how blessed I am to be a father. Seeing my son Marc grow into a responsible adult has been one of my most fulfilling accomplishments in my life. That is not to say that it was all smooth sailing, because there were certainly waves in the ocean along the way. My son, for example, endured a father that gave too much attention to a career, was not as patient as he should have been and often expected him to be too much like I wished I were. At the age of 13, a divorce forced my son to grow up much faster than he probably liked, but through it all he was loved and we have enjoyed a wonderful relationship. I am thankful now for my daughter-in-law Ashley who loves my son and the joy that they both bring to my life.


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Becoming a stepfather brought a whole new set of challenges. While one certainly wants the “very best” for stepchildren, these are much different relationships. With inherently differing values, the understanding of “very best” is often difficult to interpret and sometimes creates conflict. To this, I can say that my stepchildren Matt and Kim are also a blessing as I see them become productive adults. 


And then there is Addison, Kim’s daughter, my granddaughter… for me, a second chance at “doing it right.” Without a natural father in Addison’s life, my wife Teresa and I have played a significant role in her childhood. I’ve learned to be more patient, more understanding, more loving and yes, more open-minded to letting her become the young lady that she is capable of becoming. I am also thankful for Jordan who loves Kim and is soon to be the father that Addison deserves.   



For all of the kids in my life I am thankful. Thankful for the tolerance that they give me, thankful for the lessons they teach me, thankful for the fun that we enjoy and thankful to be part of their lives. The common thread in all we do is the degree to which we exhibit the example that Christ gave us. As I look back, I could have done better. As for today, I am grateful that God gives comfort and grace in my effort to have done my best. As for tomorrow, I trust for a better understanding of God’s will for our lives.


Before I finish, I must tell you a bit about my father… my hero. Not perfect, except in Christ, but he made me who I am. He taught me the virtues of being respectful, loyal, trustworthy, humble, kind, generous, forgiving and loving. He guided me, he praised me and he corrected me… not by the words he said, but by the life he led. My father led a simple life as a family man doing his best on a janitor’s wage. My father loved his community by serving as a volunteer firefighter and village city council member. My father loved his neighbors by serving the older members of the community by mowing their lawns and helping where he could. My father loved his family by loving Christ and by being in church with us at every opportunity. My father was an amazing man… you see he left this legacy in just 10 short years of fatherhood. 


If you are a father, it is my recommendation that you do as my father did, model Christ to your family every chance you get. If you are a son, please spend 10 minutes with your father this Father’s Day and give him a hug for me. I would give all that I have for 10 minutes with my father…my hero.  


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