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DaySpring South Camp Recap
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a2 senior high camp 06 2017

By Morgan Wright


DaySpring South is life changing for anyone who attends, especially teens. Teens today are constantly distracted from God. Cross Point Camp is the perfect place for teenagers to grow closer to God, have fun, learn more about the Bible and connect to friends. I have experienced God's love like never before during DaySpring activities, including communion, Bible study, workshop, BASIC, worship, walking among the trees and swimming in the lake.


A typical day at camp starts off with communion at the cross overlooking the beautiful lake. As we worshipped there, I marveled at God's magnificent creation and felt his deep love for me. On Wednesday, I woke up for communion and I made the mistake of sitting right in the sun. However, as the sun rose and became brighter on my face, I felt as if it was God smiling down at me and the happier I became.


During camp, I always thoroughly enjoy the Bible studies that we do. Personally, some of the things I read in the Bible don't always make sense to me. However, I truly benefit from hearing everyone else's input and interpretations from the Bible's words, which helps me to understand God and His love.


We also participate in workshop at camp, which is a short educational discussion over a topic involving God. This could be someone coming and speaking about their life story and how God played a role in it or discussing worldwide problems that we, as Christians, are called to help with. On Tuesday, we had a lady come and speak to us about her life story and I found myself relating to her as she spoke. She explained that God uses our brokenness to help change the world, which gave me a new understanding of life.


Our Brothers and Sisters in Christ (BASIC) groups meet twice daily during camp to discuss our faith. One highlight was when our BASIC group went to the low ropes course and we had to figure out how to get everyone across a tight rope without anyone stepping off. It helped me learn that it's okay to trust in others and to know that anything is possible with God.


During worship at camp, I can feel God's love so strong it often brings me to tears. I can hear and feel His presence as if He is embracing me in a huge hug, which comes with an uncontrollable feeling of great joy. It's such a life changing experience to see and feel everyone coming together with love and kindness through the Holy Spirit - knowing that everyone there supports you and loves you no matter what. There is truly nothing quite like it. After my first camp experience, I knew I had to spread the word and get as many people to come to camp as possible. I definitely couldn't bear the thought of people going through life without having felt God's great love.


One last thing that I must mention is the tremendous bonding with the people there. We are a family. With God's love, we grow together, trust each other, love each other, play together and help each other. I have learned that I can count on these wonderful people for anything. I have shared with them some of my hardest times and they have never shown me anything but love. On Wednesday after worship service, I broke down crying about things going on in my life. My eyes were closed, but someone pulled me toward them and I was surrounded in a group hug with hands laid on me, praying. That was a real God moment for me. Our group holds each other accountable in this crazy world we live in and we help each other keep God first in our lives. I can see God in them, and they can see Him in me. I remember one night, my friends and I were sitting outside discussing God and different issues we're facing. Out of nowhere, I started talking and helping them. However, I knew the words were coming from God, not me. 


After camp this year, our dear friend Dante moved away. It was heartbreaking when he told us he was moving. However, even with him hundreds of miles away we are still family because of our experiences with God at camp together. A few of these experiences include our group hugs, all of us in tears from God's wonderful love, praying for each other, spilling out our problems and leaning on each other, Collin dominating at nine square and never giving anyone else a chance, Cayla challenging Dante to his crown at gaga ball, winning the volleyball tournament and so much more. I'm already counting down the days until next year! 

EPS No School Wednesday, Oct 17 - All Day
JH Fall Break Mission Wednesday, Oct 17 - All Day
DCPS Fall Break Thursday, Oct 18 - All Day
EPS Fall Break Thursday, Oct 18 - All Day
JH Fall Break Mission Wednesday, Oct 17 - All Day

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