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a2 living water trip 02 2017

By John Hurd


As my friend Jorge and I sat down to speak with a group of teachers from Caballo Blanco, there was one teacher that stood out to me. She was called Chiqui, which means “shorty” in Spanish. While her small stature was very true to the meaning of her name, Jorge and I both came to the conclusion that what she lacks in size, she more than makes up for with a generous and caring spirit.


The school where Chiqui works is located 20 miles or so inland from the Pacific coast of Guatemala. She has been working there for 16 years where she teaches, guides and loves the children who attend. She reminds us of the improvements she has seen over the years, which include the concrete playground spanning between the two buildings that make up the school, as well as the updated latrines at the corner of the campus.


At the start of each school day, the boys in Chiqui’s classroom take several large containers to a home nearby where there is a hand-dug water well. This well not only contains unsafe drinking water but is also prone to going dry most of the year. The school day only lasts for about three hours and the boys are gone for about 30 minutes of that time while they struggle to carry the full containers back to their class.


Chiqui also takes several students down the road each day to purchase water for her classroom. This is something that she does using money out of her own pocket. Each child ended up receiving what amounted to a zip lock bag filled with water that the kids would drink dry.


After building their well, we asked the teachers what they will do with the money they will save from no longer having to buy water every day. The teachers were excited to have the opportunity to now buy cheese and bread for their children.


The people in Guatemala, complete and total strangers, referred to our group as angels sent from heaven. No matter the number of times that happened, I found it strange and felt unworthy. The passion shown by Chiqui and the other teachers is what is truly inspiring. They are faced with hardships every single day, and yet the passion and commitment they show towards their kids is undeniable.


The quote of the day came from the principal when she said, “The children were so happy that they can now get a drink at the well anytime they are thirsty.”  I paused and reflected on this because this is a world I do not know!


In the past three weeks, I have been blessed to travel to Guatemala and now London for work. As I write this, I am somewhere over the Atlantic hurdling through the air at over 600 miles per hour at a distance of some six miles above the surface of the earth. I will send this email through a satellite where it will reach its designated destination. 


For all of the advancements and capabilities we have given this world, the most basic staple of life on our planet is still a struggle for some. Thank God for the people like Chiqui and the teachers of Caballo Blanco, who despite their challenges, strive to give their students a chance at a better future.

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