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God’s Perfect Timing
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By Jenn Shaver


The past year for the Shaver family has brought a few life changes. Last summer, I chose to leave my career as an administrator in public education and pursue an opportunity outside of the education realm. I enjoyed what I did and made great friendships with the people that I worked with, but there was something missing.


I will never forget the day that my husband Jason and I were at church and a family got up and spoke about their experience in the school system and some struggles they had faced that school year with the election drawing near. During that service, I felt a wave of emotion and feeling take over me and I began to cry, which is not something I do often. Poor Jason looked at me with a worried expression on his face. That feeling was something that I couldn’t explain. It was so strong that I couldn’t get words out of my mouth. I knew at that moment that the Holy Spirit was speaking to me. I knew that public education was where my heart was and where I needed to be. Jason and I talked at length and said many prayers about where the Holy Spirit was leading me. I resigned my position at my company shortly after and continued to pursue my Doctorate in Education full time, as I was already about halfway through with my program.


Mark and Chantelle approached me about becoming a part of the Acts 2 team and joining staff while in this time of transition. I was excited about the opportunity to serve my church and connect with guests and new members! What a blessing joining the Acts 2 staff has been in my life. I have loved my church family from the first time we stepped foot into a service, but having been a part of the “behind the scenes” action has truly helped me have a deeper appreciation. Mark and Chantelle have prayed with me, given me advice, helped me grow spiritually and pushed me to think about things in a different way. Their leadership has helped shape me into becoming a better follower of Christ and a better leader.


I recently finished reading the book Wait and See by Wendy Pope for the second time. I began reading this back in January when I was looking for a way to be active in this present stage of my life while being patient for the future. The book draws from King David and his time of wait after he is anointed king. God’s timing is always perfect. In May, I was offered a position to serve the Deer Creek community as assistant principal at Deer Creek Middle School. I am so excited about this new opportunity for ministry as many of my students live in close proximity to our church! While I won’t be serving on the Acts 2 staff full time anymore, I’ll still be serving on Sunday mornings and welcoming guests. I look forward to continuing to grow in faith and ministry with all of you!


Many blessings,

Jenn Shaver 

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