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Subconscious Beliefs and Giving
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By Mike Crandall


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Most people never truly think about their thoughts. They don’t think about where those thoughts come from; how they were formulated; or if they are correct, healthy, helpful to us (or not). The thoughts we have are driven by our beliefs, and we cannot understand our thoughts if we do not understand our beliefs. 


When we are young, we see, hear and experience all sorts of things that formulate our beliefs. The way we think about generosity and giving is no exception to this. As young children, we watch and listen to others give, or not give; be generous, or not generous. These messages are absorbed into our subconscious and stick with us our entire lives. That is unless we make a conscious effort to understand them, learn something different, then apply those new things into our lives to change the beliefs.


As a child, I grew up around church. My grandfather was a Lutheran minister and whenever we were in town, going to church was a requirement. My first memories of giving were formulated by this. I would watch my mom; whose father was the minister; put a $5 or $10 bill in the offering plate each week. These were my first memories of giving.


Once I became an adult these memories had already formulated my beliefs about giving and generosity. I firmly believed that a $5 or $10 bill in the plate was what giving as about and how I should give. Fast-forward a bunch of years to us ending up at Acts 2. After we joined, we went through the Disciple Bible Study Program where I heard about tithing (giving 10%). My first instinct was to think, “That is crazy. There is no way that is possible.”


I was just like most other people when we are given brand new information like this – and my subconscious mind defended against it. Consciously, I tried to be open to the idea; however, my subconscious, which is way more powerful, trumped those thoughts quickly.


What happened next has been amazing. As my family and I grew in our faith, we were able to learn more about our beliefs about giving and gradually begin to change them. Over a long and painful journey, we changed our beliefs on giving and today we are at a full tithe as a family.


This new belief has totally changed our lives, the joy we feel in giving has been tremendous. The freedom we experience as we trust God has been wonderful for us individually and collectively as a family.


Now if you are like most people, your subconscious mind is already defending against this idea and what I shared about my story. That is okay, it is only natural. All I ask is to let your conscious mind get a say and absorb our story before totally dismissing it.


If you don’t understand your beliefs on giving, don’t like them or would like to work on modifying them please reach out to others in the church or in your life to get help.



MIKE CRANDALL lives in Edmond, OK. He is a consultant, coach, trainer, speaker and author focused on the subconscious psychology of human interaction and motivation. His firm specializes in sales, management and leadership development for proactive business growth. Mike is based in Oklahoma and serves visionary clients across the United States. He can be reached at or at 405-844-1700. For more information, go to online to

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