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By Michael Dukes


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For as far back as I can remember, I loved money and hated parting ways with my money. Whether it was the $3 allowance I received every other week as a child or the money I earned doing yard work, I only had interest in stashing the money away and collecting as much as I could. I did this so that one day I could live like Uncle Scrooge, complete with afternoon swims in a swimming pool full of gold coins.


It was not until I got married that I first realized that the money I coveted might not be entirely mine. With a marriage consisting of two equal partners, that each has to contribute everything they have to make it work, there was no room to divvy up the money just because one of us made more than the other. Alas, even though my engineering income exceeded my wife’s lucrative public school teacher’s salary, no money in the Dukes Family Bank Account was divided by whose job earned which portion of it. This was well and good, as neither of us is prone to spending what we do not have. I figured I could maintain a path to the two of us one day lounging together in a pool of gold coins, rather than just me.


Ecclesiastes 5:10 states, “Whoever loves money never has enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income. This too is meaningless.” That described my attitude perfectly, and it was a breeding ground for greed and anxiety. Regardless of how much money I had, or could make, I wanted more. I had no specific need for more money, but greed does not care about that. Every time I purchased something, I would be overcome with regret, doubt and buyer’s remorse about the decision. I had just parted with some portion of our money.


Since we were 16 years old, my wife had known about my anxiety and greed with money. In 2013, we packed up our belongings and moved 1,000 miles away from anybody we knew to Edmond, OK. Shortly after joining Acts 2, and later One Church, the conversation came up in our house about tithing. I had heard of this before but never gave it any serious thought. The timing of this conversation made no sense either; we were still paying a mortgage in South Carolina and renting a house in Edmond. Now we were talking about giving away 10 percent of our income.


Through many conversations and prayers together, my heart began to change. I started to realize that the money was not mine/ours, but we were merely stewards of the money, God’s money. We went from giving nothing to tithing 10 percent of our gross income, and we’ve never looked back. Tithing reminds me that greed and anxiety can be conquered when we have, and exercise, faith. Tithing gives me freedom from being enslaved to greed, anxiety and the control that money used to have over me. Tithing keeps me focused on the fact that I serve a loving and forgiving God who will always provide what is truly needed. 

Family Dinner Wednesday, Nov 14 @ 5:50 PM
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Jr & Sr High Youth Wednesday, Nov 14 @ 6:25 PM
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Edmond, OK 73012
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