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Marked by Thankfulness
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By Creighton Alexander


a2 eagle scout ceremony 01 2017


At the end of October, my oldest son Canon earned his Eagle Scout rank with 10 other boys in our troop back in Ada. It was a big day that we got to celebrate with two of his grandparents and our family and friends. He also received a lot of cards and gifts from family and friends who wanted to celebrate his accomplishment. Three weeks in, his mom and I are on him to write thank you notes to everyone who helped him either earn his Eagle or celebrated with him. While gratitude is not explicitly mentioned in the Scout Law, I believe it is part of God’s law for Christians. As people who follow Christ, our lives should be marked by thankfulness.


1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, “In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you (all).”  


a2 eagle scout ceremony 02 2017


More than a polite custom, I believe expressing gratitude helps us realize how much of life is a gift that others share with us. We remember that we are given more than we could possibly give, especially when it comes to our relationship with God. Instead of white-knuckling our blessings until we strangle all the good out of them, gratitude allows us to accept what comes with open hands. Gratitude allows us to recognize God’s goodness through all of our many blessings. Thankfulness frees our hearts to sing. 


One of Nikki and I’s favorite musicians is Natalie Merchant. She has a song that we love - Kind and Generous. But be careful - you can’t listen to this song without singing along. Maybe you don’t think you can carry a tune, but you can write a note, an email, a tweet, or whatever the kids are using these days, to talk to each other. If you don’t know what to write, quote part of the song. You can find the lyrics here.  


Whatever you do, don’t let this week of Thanksgiving end before you stop and tell someone “thank you.” Don’t let your head hit your pillow before saying “thank you” for all God has given us in Christ Jesus.  


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