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A Mother’s Love
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by April Yarholar


operation angel wings


People say there is no love like a mother’s love. And since becoming a mother myself, I now have a better understanding of the raw nature of love that is between a parent and child. I understand the words my mom used to say to me, “Maybe you’ll understand when you become a mother.” A lot of the things she used to say to me make more sense now. I wish I could tell her that along with about a million other things.


I lost my mom back in 2011. She lived 8 years with the aftermath of a massive stroke which took her speech and mobility of her right side. I am so happy and thankful for the time I got to spend with her, but there’s a part of me that feels like I got cheated. My mom got to witness me graduating college, getting married and having my first child, but she never got to hold her second or third granddaughter, hear a sweet voice call her Nana or take that retirement trip with my dad. What I miss the most is getting to ask her motherly advice, sharing recipes and hearing stories of my childhood. I feel like a part of my past is gone.


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The years after her death were especially hard; I was a mother of two young children trying to do the best I could do and I needed her around for the support. Most importantly, I needed the love only she could give. She somehow gave me the confidence and hope for the future. Others would say that my mom lived for her girls, and she did, but we lived for her, too. We wanted to make her proud, not because she insisted, but because we wanted to. That was our way to repay her. Our mom had lived a very difficult life. She was the youngest of seven girls raised by a single mother. She was poor and spent most of her life feeling not good enough. I strived to be the best I could for her so that she had something to feel good about, something she could brag about. I felt like she deserved that.


I knew I wanted my daughters to feel like they were not missing out on their Nana. I wanted her name and her spirit to be known in my home, so we talk about Nana as if she is here with us. From eating her favorite banana pudding dessert to feeding birds - my girls know their Nana. However, when it comes to her birthday and the holiday season, there is a void that’s present that can’t be filled. For a while, I struggled to find things to help me make it through the feelings and emotions the holidays bring, so we came up with Operation Angel Wings.


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In 2014, on my mother’s birthday, my family and I started taking a few of her favorite things to patients in the hospital. We do this in honor of her, to remember her and all the time we spent in the hospital, especially over the holidays. The joy and love I feel sharing her story does me so much good. It feels great to give back. By visiting with families and sharing that we have been in their shoes, we are able to offer understanding and love to them. With each year, as Operation Angel Wings grows, we are able to touch more and more lives and spread love to patients and their families. It’s a blessing to them but more to me. I feel that sharing love with others keeps the love I have for my mom alive. For I know she is looking down upon us, beaming with pride and love. 

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