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Year of the Home by Rev. Creighton Alexander, Ph.D.
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Since receiving an invitation to join the Acts 2 family, I have been praying to learn God's heart for your community. It’s not the clearest idea in my head yet, but an idea was sparked by the upcoming New Year celebrations – particularly the Chinese tradition of each year being named for one of the twelve animals in the zodiac.  Instead of "the year of the rooster," I find myself praying that 2017 be the “year of the home.”


Here's what I have been praying for our church home and each individual home in Acts 2:


  • That the home would become the primary arena of discipleship as parents are equipped to lead themselves and their children spiritually
  • That the home would be more than where families retreat to hide from the world, but a missional outpost to communities all over Edmond and OKC
  • That the home would be a place where lost brothers and sisters find their way back to God (Luke 15)
  • That the home would be a leadership laboratory, where new leaders are mentored and equipped to help others become mature followers of Jesus Christ
  • That the home would be a sacred place, marked by radical hospitality, Micah 6:8 justice and love that welcomes in widows, orphans and the poor.


I know the vision will deepen with each conversation I get to have as I meet the Acts 2 family over the upcoming months. But here is what I am absolutely confident about - God loves each of our homes and wants to bless them to be a blessing in this world. I cannot wait to see how He shows up in our homes in 2017.




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