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By Creighton Alexander


One of my top 10 favorite movies is “The Breakfast Club” (1985), but not just because Molly Ringwald starred in it. Set on a Saturday in a detention hall, five high school students - the criminal, the athlete, the basket case, the princess and the brain - figure out that they are all looking to find their place in life. Five different strategies, but one common goal: to belong, to matter and to be seen for who they really are.  


In fact, I could argue that process of how those five strangers become “The Breakfast Club” gets played out time and time again in small group and Bible studies. It takes time to move past preconceived ideas and stereotypes that we use to label others. It takes conversation, and yes, sometimes conflict to get below the surface to issues and hang-ups. It requires working together toward a common goal to discover the good inside each other. It doesn’t hurt the process if you actually have fun together either. Ultimately, it takes vulnerability and honesty in sharing who you are in order to truly know and be known. Before the high school students know it, they are no longer strangers serving detention together - they have become friends.


When I think of all the different people that come to Acts 2 and One Church, I get excited about our upcoming Find Your Place Fair here on Aug. 13 and Aug. 20. While no one is going to be sent to detention, you will have the opportunity to explore the two dozen small groups that will form this fall. My hope is that every adult will take advantage of one of these fellowship opportunities this fall to get to know God and a handful of others a little bit better. It doesn’t matter who you are - a professional, a teacher, a stay at home parent, a public servant or a mechanic - I know there is a small group that is waiting for someone just like you.  


It is going to take time, work, and honesty - but I know it will be worth it. Come, Find Your Place over these next two weekends. We will save you a seat.

EPS No School Wednesday, Oct 17 - All Day
JH Fall Break Mission Wednesday, Oct 17 - All Day
DCPS Fall Break Thursday, Oct 18 - All Day
EPS Fall Break Thursday, Oct 18 - All Day
JH Fall Break Mission Wednesday, Oct 17 - All Day

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