What’s happening at One Church for the next four Sundays? We are celebrating our Grand Opening – March Madness style!

What does that mean? Good question!

This Sunday, March 26, come to One Church worship at 10 a.m. at Frontier Elementary in your favorite basketball team gear. After, hang out with us in the gym where we are having basketball-themed games. Play some games, win prizes and eat concession-style food – it’s going to be a blast!

Next Sunday, April 2, we are making a difference. One Church is not only a fun, new community for new people but also a place where people can make a difference. After worship on April 2, we will pack “blessing bags” with clean socks, bottled water, granola bars, bandages, etc. These bags are for us to keep in our cars, so we can bless the homeless of our city. This is a great, hands-on opportunity for you to make a difference in the world!

On Sunday, April 9, continue celebrating One Church with bounce houses and BBQ! Come for worship at 10 a.m. and join us afterward as we bounce and play on three bounce houses and enjoy burgers with some fun people!

Our final grand opening celebration will be Easter Sunday, April 16. Join One Church as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus at 10 a.m. at Frontier Elementary. This will be a special Sunday you will not want to miss! Come celebrate the God of new life and new hope.

Why are we having all of these celebrations? Another great question!

One Church is hosting these fun events not simply for our own enjoyment, but so we can invite our friends and neighbors to church. One Church is a new community for new people, so invitation is simply a part of who we are. Without new people, One Church would not be what it is today.

Who should you invite? Wow, it’s like you are a great question machine!

You should invite everyone! Especially those that do not have a church home. We know that there are more than 28,000 people within a 5-mile radius of us that do not have a church home. Our hope and our prayer is to see that number go down to zero. Invite your friends, your family and your neighbors to our Grand Opening for the next four weeks and let’s change the world and our community together!

Rev. Andy Nelms

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