What’s the difference? Most often when I tell people about what I am doing they ask me this question, “What is the difference between One Church and Acts 2?” I know what they are asking. They want to know how the service at One Church differs from Acts 2 or any other congregation in northeast Edmond. The answer, though, is complicated.

Sure, at One Church, we are worshipping in an elementary school, so there’s an inherent relaxed feeling. We hope that people who attend feel comfortable in a way they might not feel in a traditional church building. We have a slightly different music style and I’m preaching each week instead of Mark or whoever they are used to, so there’s that. But to be honest, in the grand scheme of things what we are doing is not that different than what the church has been doing for 2,000 years.

The early disciples had an insurmountable mission. They were charged with taking the ministry Jesus had started and ensuring that every person on the planet would hear about the good news. To be clear, there were 11 of them, soon to be 12. It was, by all accounts, impossible. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are still doing it!

One Church is a new community for new people seeking to change the world with the love of God. What we are doing is in a sense new, but in another sense, is as old as our faith itself. God has always worked in new ways to reach out to those on the outside. One Church is just another avenue of God’s mission to not see any perish, but all to come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9). So what has happened at One Church lately?

For the last four weeks, we’ve continued to have first-time and returning guests each Sunday! About half of the worshipping community at One Church is not a member of Acts 2. Last week, someone told me they invited a friend to church for the first time in their life! Last Sunday, we got to pray over a sister of ours who was recently released from the hospital. Since our launch, we’ve packed 120 care packs for public school teachers and alongside Acts 2, we have collected more than 1,000 pounds of non-perishable items to donate to Skyline Urban Ministry. People are coming, lives are changing and a difference is being made out in the community! I truly believe One Church and Acts 2 are making a difference in our world, thanks be to God! Now, what’s next?

This Sunday, Feb. 26, we will have our first adult baptism! March 26 – April 9, One Church will have our ongoing “Grand Opening.” The theme will be March Madness and for three weeks we will have fun events like basketball games, concession food, bounce houses, service opportunities, burgers and more! It’s going to be a really fun time and a great opportunity to invite your friends and family to come to church. The final celebration of our Grand Opening season will be Easter Sunday on April 16! It’s going to be an awesome, jam-packed four weeks. I hope it offers plenty of reasons to reach out to those neighbors who sleep in on Sunday, or that family that has been on your heart and mind!

Rev. Andy Nelms

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