Last Sunday night, we had a time of Prayer and Discovery – a time to pray for our church, our community and especially Acts 2’s new extension campus, One Church. During this time, we felt like God was telling us something very specific: we can’t reach people we don’t know, so we’d better spend our time reaching people we do know. What does this mean? I happen to think it means a few different things.

First, it means that all of our time expecting unknown people to come to this new community is wasted. There may be a few people who come because they received a mailer or they saw a sign, but the most people will come because someone personally invited them.

So, we need to start personally inviting everyone we know! Last Sunday, Pastor Mark challenged us to consider a practice known as the “FRAN Plan.” FRAN is an acronym that stands for Friends, Relatives, (Business) Associates, and Neighbors. These are all people we have a personal relationship with, some of whom may not have a church home. We hope you will start inviting your FRAN to our first event —One Church Sneak Peek on December 4, at 10:45am. We will begin in the Sanctuary at Acts 2. Then, before Communion we will walk over to Frontier Elementary (the site of future One Church services). At the close of worship, we will have the opportunity to see the nursery and children’s space.

Finally, I believe that during our time of Prayer and Discovery, God reminded me he is in control. I feel like we’ve been working on this new ministry for a long time now. In that time, I’ve experienced ups and downs. Last Sunday, I was reminded that regardless of ups or downs, regardless of successes or failures, regardless of anything that I think I may be doing right or wrong – God is in control. Thanks be to God!

I can’t wait to worship with you on December 4, at 10:45 a.m., as we celebrate the God who is ultimately in control. Bring your friends, relatives, associates, neighbors and everyone you know and come celebrate God together!

Rev. Andy Nelms

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