By Melissa Nelms

When I was going into my junior year of college, I transferred from a very small university with an on-campus student population of about 400 to a larger university with more than 2,000. At the time, the only person I knew on campus was my husband Andy. We were dating at the time, and even though I was overjoyed to be going to school together rather than 3 hours apart, there were still times I felt out of place and lonely during that time of transition. I am very much an introvert, and it is easy for me to default to the role of the wallflower – ever observant but never comfortable participating.

Knowing this about myself, I was determined not to get stuck in my loneliness. I began searching for my place—my people on campus who would make my college experience more joy-filled, meaningful, and memorable. I found that in two places: Kappa Phi, a Christian women’s service organization, and Psi Chi, an academic group for psychology students. These were my people.

We did life together. We learned together, served together, played together, worshiped together, wrestled through advanced statistics together—the stuff of life! It’s so important to find that type of community to truly live into the abundant life God has created for us, and I’m so grateful for the people God placed in my path during that season of life.

At Acts 2 we encourage everyone to participate in “Worship +2”: a place to worship, a place to learn, and a place to serve. We believe these three things build community and most importantly, they grow radical Christ followers. Once you find your place in worship, whether on Friday nights with One Church or Sunday mornings with Acts 2, sometimes the more difficult step is finding your place to learn and serve.

That’s what the Find Your Place event this weekend is designed to do – to let you see all the opportunities in one place at one time, have time to ask questions, and hear the experiences of those that are involved in Living Water, MOPS, small groups, Alpha, children’s leadership, and more. My prayer is that each of you would find something this weekend that sparks your passion, connects you with life-giving community, and gives you a place to bless others.

During worship this weekend you will receive a bulletin insert with all our current offerings listed. I encourage you to take a look at that and seek out the group you wish to learn more about at the event in the Gathering Space. If you can’t stay for the event, I hope you’ll check out the details on the our website or contact me at I would love to hear your story, share more information, and help you find a good fit as you find your place to learn and serve.

Below I have highlighted our brand new offerings that I am really excited about this semester. Childcare is provided for all our on-campus opportunities to make participating as easy as possible for everyone seeking to find community. I look forward to seeing you this weekend to help you Find Your Place.


Wednesdays | 6:30 – 8:00pm | January 16 – May 1 |$0 Investment

Alpha is an opportunity to explore the meaning of life. It creates an environment of hospitality where people can bring their friends, family, and work colleagues to explore the Christian faith, ask questions, and share their point of view. Alpha makes it easy to invite friends to have spiritual conversations that explore life’s biggest questions in a safe and respectful way.  If you or your friends have been asking questions about who God is, what your purpose is, or maybe even what the meaning of life is, Alpha is a great place to start.

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MoneyLife: Personal Finance Study
Wednesdays | 6:30 – 8:00pm | January 16 – February 27 | $40 Investment

MoneyLife is a curriculum developed by Crown Financial that takes a spiritual approach to managing finances, empowering people to be better stewards of the financial resources God has given them. Whether you’re facing financial challenges or feeling really comfortable with your financial situation, as life-long learners we know there is always room to grow. Through prayer, scripture, basic financial principals and group discussion participants can learn how to continue to be good stewards of their resources to bless their family and others. Our business administrator, Jeff Hedrick, will be leading the group and is passionate about helping God’s people become better stewards and disciples for Christ.

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The Parenting Hustle: A Love and Logic-Based Experience
Sundays | 5:00 – 6:30pm | January 27 – March 3 | $25 Investment

The Parenting Hustle is a Love and Logic-based experience that provides parents with resources and encouragement as they raise their children. The Love and Logic curriculum has been used by parents and educators for 40 years and was developed to make parenting fun and rewarding rather than stressful and chaotic. We know there’s no one way to parent well, but we hope to provide new skills and techniques to help parents who need new ideas and a little encouragement on the journey of parenthood.

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Yoga for Anyone
Mondays | 9:30 – 10:45am | February 4 – March 11 | $0 Investment

Yoga for Anyone is a yoga class focused on breath work, meditation, and flexibility for people of all ages, experience, and levels of mobility. It’s literally for anyone! Modifications are available for every position and practice including chair yoga for those with limited mobility and flexibility. Common benefits participants experience include increased flexibility, strength, improved posture, better concentration, and basic knowledge of yoga practice.

There is no investment required, but this class does provide an opportunity to support mission work while also practicing breath, meditation, and flexibility. Participants are invited to make a financial gift to Acts 2 to benefit the YMCA Home for Migrant Youth in Tijuana, Mexico that provides care and safety for youth awaiting asylum in the United States. If you would like to participate in this life saving work, a recommended $7-$20 gift per session is appropriate and can be made online here or by cash or check during class. If you would like more information about Acts 2’s partnership with the YMCA Home for Migrant Youth, please contact Associate Pastor Rev. Brandon Blacksten.



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