By Cayla Charles

Confirmation is a truly life-changing experience. It helps you become closer to God and build a stronger relationship with Him and the amazing people around you that are on a similar journey. I have experienced something that I never have before – something amazing – through Confirmation events including Camp Canyon, new worship experiences and class every Sunday. Confirmation is a wonderful way to grow closer to God and build your faith.

With Confirmation being such a great experience, I have so many favorite parts that it is hard to choose just one, but if I had to choose, I would say that Camp Canyon was my favorite. It was time away from all the distractions in our everyday lives and it was absolutely beautiful. The first night, everyone gathered up and started a lesson together. I looked around the room and felt a connection to everyone in the room. I felt the presence of God.

Throughout my Confirmation experience, I have tried so many new things and learned so many new things. I think the most important thing I have learned is that God sometimes works in mysterious ways. I saw Him working in my life and the people’s lives around me. I saw Him within people and things which made me realize that He’s always there and loves us no matter what. He is one hundred percent truth and one hundred percent grace.

I recently started going to church about a year ago when my friends invited me to go one Wednesday night. I thought, “Why not go?” Little did I know that today I would be in Confirmation and going to church every Wednesday and Sunday and loving it.

Confirmation has affected my relationship with God in an outstanding way. It has not only transformed it but has helped me create a relationship with Him. It has made me grow closer to God, trust in Him and have faith. I have also grown closer to all the people around me, and not only made an unbreakable bond with them but also with God. My Confirmation experience is something that I will always carry with me and never forget.

Acts 2 United Methodist Church

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