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We've all experienced unpredictable moments in life. Maybe you're in one right now! The Holy Spirit's coming at Pentecost is a story of great unpredictability. While the Holy Spirit may move and work in sometimes unpredictable ways, we can be confident that the Spirit is our Comforter and Teacher.


May 24, 2019
Jesus said, "Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks." Our words and actions flow from what we treasure in our hearts. When we treasure the word of Christ and the love of God within our hearts, we can overflow with love and kindness.
We all go through times when God's voice seems silent. Some have called it "the dark night of the soul." In the Bible, we read about people who also went through these dark nights. However, as Christians, we can confidently know that darkness is not the end of our story, and resurrection is coming!
It can be difficult to know what God sounds like. Through sharing his personal experience of hearing God, Pastor Andy encourages us not only to listen, but to obey God’s voice as well.
Every day, we are bombarded by voices that compete for our time, attention, and our hearts. In a sea of competing voices, how do we discern the one voice that leads to abundant life?
God's voice can be difficult to hear, as the boy Samuel found out. However, Samuel was able to discern God's voice through the help of his mentor Eli and through praying this prayer: "Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening." Often, the first step needed to hear God's voice is simply to listen.

He IS Risen

April 20, 2019
When Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Sunday, it wasn't just one glorious moment. It was the culmination of God's saving work that began with the creation of the universe, and it's the source of our hope for the future and the beginning of God's new creation when all things will be made right.
Sloth is painful to watch, but easy to fall into. When we give in to sloth, we become indifferent to those around us. But throughout his life, Jesus models a better way—the way of diligence.
Greed affects us more than we like to admit. This week we learn how to apply generosity to our lives and find joy even with less stuff.
Whether it's food, shopping, or scrolling on our phones, we all struggle with wanting more than is good for us, and the excess leads to ruin. But God desires our freedom, and through the virtue of temperance, helps us trust that Jesus is enough.
Envy can cause us to resent and even have contempt towards others. We can, however, find true, authentic contentment in God. In the presence of God, we have all that we need, and our envy begins to vanish.
Lust can wreck our relationships and reduce our capacity for love. The virtue of chastity helps us overcome lust so that we no longer see others as objects for our use, but as people with whom we can have real relationships.
It's easy to respond with anger when things don't go our way, but patience allows us to let go of the anger that ensnares us.
Our pride keeps us living in fear that we will be found out. Humility offers a way out of that fear, but it only comes through a genuine connection with God. 
Whether it is with our parents, distant relatives, or even our children, family relationships seem to take more work than others. This week, we explore how God models the kinds of relationships we desire, especially with our families.
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