Serve with Acts 2

Use Your Gifts to Serve Others

At Acts 2, we believe that service and missions should be a priority in our lives, growing to include the giving of our time and strength to serve the Lord. Our hope is that when you feel the Lord inviting you to a greater level of sacrifice and service, you will answer, “Yes, Lord, send me.”

Service Opportunities

God has given us each gifts that we can use to serve. Whether you are good at numbers, creativity, teaching or people, God wants to use your gifts to help build the Kingdom.

Serve at Acts 2

At Acts 2, we believe it takes everyone working together to be the body of Christ. The business of being the church cannot move forward without the support of the people in it.

Local Missions

Acts 2 organizes several different mission projects throughout the year. These projects can range from local cleanup and painting jobs to out-of-state construction ventures. We regularly collect supplies for Infant Crisis Services, Prison Ministries, Troop Support, Hope Center of Edmond and the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

International Missions

Acts 2 is committed to spreading God’s love by serving those in need. Approximately 748 million people in the world do not have access to clean drinking water, so we have partnered with Living Water International year after year to reach large groups of people who suffer every day without this resource that we can often take for granted.

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