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Lust can wreck our relationships and reduce our capacity for love. The virtue of chastity helps us overcome lust so that we no longer see others as object for our use, but as people with whom we can have real relationships.
It's easy to respond with anger when things don't go our way, but patience allows us to let go of the anger that ensnares us. 
Pride distorts our sense of self and prevents us from seeing clearly, but when we humble ourselves before God, God's truth leads to life, freedom, and connection with God, self, and others.
Our pride keeps us living in fear that we will be found out. Humility offers a way out of that fear, but it only comes through a genuine connection with God. 
How can we best love our families? In the conclusion to “Relationship Bootcamp,” we look to the latest research and biblical wisdom for dealing with parents, children, and in-laws.
Whether it is with our parents, distant relatives, or even our children, family relationships seem to take more work than others. This week, we explore how God models the kinds of relationships we desire, especially with our families.
We all have difficult people in our lives, and we struggle to know how to be in relationship with them. The Bible gives us guidance for how to relate to wise, foolish, and evil people. When we follow this teaching, and we set and maintain healthy boundaries, we grow in our ability to love others and ourselves.

Relationships are the greatest source of both joy and pain in our lives. But before we can begin to improve our relationships, we have to start in the right place—the love of God that makes possible our love for others. Our ability to love begins with the recognition that God first loved us.
Each of us has the need to give and receive love, but eventually, our love runs out. God's love changes that. Explore how God's love enables us to love like Jesus.
What is perhaps most unexpected in the Gospel of Mark is the ending. In the oldest manuscripts, the Gospel ends with three women finding Jesus’ tomb empty, encountering an angel, and fleeing; “and they said nothing to anyone, for they were afraid.” Their encounter shows us the consequences of fear in our own lives. Learn what Jesus teaches about fear so that we can live unafraid.
We don't always get what we ask for, and it can be painful when we receive an answer we didn't expect. Sometimes, Jesus says no when we expect him to say yes. But his "Yes" and his "No" are always for our good.

What kind of people does Jesus choose? It might surprise you.
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