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We have access to more information than our ancestors could have ever dreamed of, but when it comes to making important decisions, we don’t need more information. We need wisdom. In Galatians 2, Paul shows us how to discern wisely.
When the ground seems to be falling away beneath us, we need solid ground to stand upon. We’re tempted to cling to fixed rules and structures to give us a sense of security, but these are a poor substitute for what really matters. In the book of Galatians, we find ancient wisdom that can help us thrive in anxious times so that we can experience the freedom Jesus gives.
So often it can seem that the problems of the world are too big for us, but small things done with great love can change the world. When the Holy Spirit leads us, we can make waves of love and kindness in the world.
Most of us do our best to avoid thinking about death, and if we’re honest, we’re often in denial. Yet facing the hard truth that we are going to die can enable us to live fully in the time we have — and to allow Jesus to transform our life before and beyond death.
We want to be in control of our futures—our family situation, finances, relationships, achievements, and more. Ultimately, though, we are not in control, and the sooner we can learn that hard lesson, the better our lives will be.
As children, we naturally feel like life is all about us. If we’re honest, many of us also feel that way as adults. But Jesus teaches us that our lives are not about us, but something much greater. In today’s message, Pastor Mark shares why this is good news, and he interviews Acts 2 member Jenny Herzberger about what she has learned since her cancer diagnosis nearly ten years ago.
We want our lives to matter, and we desperately try to prove to others that they do matter. We want to be seen as important, but seeking importance actually takes us further away from true greatness. This week, we explore the liberating truth that we are not that important, and why that’s actually good news.
It’s not a stretch to say that we are currently living at the most comfortable time in history, but at what cost? This instant society has a shadow side. How do we ever achieve greatness or even know what greatness looks like if everything is easy?
We are afraid of not having enough — enough for today, for tomorrow, for retirement, for our children. Yet the surprising truth is that we actually have more when we’re generous. Generosity brings joy not just the recipient, but to the giver as well.
Suffering is inevitable, but the way we respond can determine whether we increase suffering or lessen it—both for ourselves and others. When we choose compassion, we can transform suffering and experience joy in the midst of it.
Did you know that gratitude can improve not only your happiness, but also your resilience, relationships, and health? We were made for gratitude, and we thrive when we practice it.
Our country, our community, our families, and especially our children have a loneliness problem. There is only one way to escape the loneliness trap, and that is forgiveness. When forgiveness stops, community stops, but when forgiveness thrives, community thrives.
Acceptance is not defeat or resignation. Rather, acceptance is seeing the sober truth of your situation, offering it to God, and working together with God and others for the transformation of your world and the world as a whole.


May 8, 2022
A sense of humor can help us all get through troubled times, and this especially true in motherhood. Celebrate Mother’s Day and hear how a supportive community can help us laugh and even thrive through adversity.


May 1, 2022
If we want to find joy, thinking too much about our own happiness can actually be counterproductive. Instead, we need to think of ourselves less—to practice humility.
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