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One of the most troubling ideas Christians wrestle with is what happens to non-Christians after death. The idea that God would send all non-Christians to hell is difficult to reconcile with the words and actions of Jesus. In this sermon, Pastor Mark explores what the Bible says and how we can trust in God’s goodness and mercy.
Everyone has doubts, but doubt isn’t something we have to be afraid or ashamed of. Doubt and questioning are not the enemies of faith, but can be a path to a deeper and more authentic faith.
On the day Jesus rose from the dead, everything changed. God has launched a new world, and because of Easter, the transformation that makes all things new has already begun!
Following Jesus has a cost. But choosing not to follow him has an even greater cost. If we choose to take up our cross alongside Jesus, he promises a life of beauty and possibility.
A transformed life is possible, but it doesn’t just happen. To become like Jesus and do the kinds of things he did, we can’t just try hard and leave it to chance. We need a plan.
The idea of doing as Jesus did can seem daunting, but that is exactly what Jesus’ apprentices are trained to do—the kinds of things that Jesus did. Find out how.
Becoming like Jesus isn’t something just for exceptionally religious people; it’s for everyone! But it doesn’t just happen. It takes a dependable, intentional process to be formed into a person who is more and more like Jesus.
The people we spend the most time with have an immense influence on who we are becoming. If we want to look more like Jesus, we have to spend time with him. When we spend time with the one who loves us more than we can imagine, we are formed by God’s love into people of love.
Whether we realize it or not, we are all being formed by something. For people who identify as Christians, the goal is to be formed by Jesus. But this isn’t something that happens automatically. It takes practice as we follow Jesus’ way and become his apprentices.
Our lives are moving so fast, it’s difficult to live intentionally, and when the way we spend our time is out of alignment with what matters most, things start to break down. The ancient practice of sabbath can help us to step back from the chaos and begin to live differently.
As Acts 2 celebrates 25 years, Oklahoma Bishop Jimmy Nunn shares four focus areas of the early church from Acts 2:42 and how those can help us continue Jesus’ work today.
Many of us would say our relationships are the most important things in our lives, but the way we spend our time rarely reflects that. If we want strong relationship, we have to prioritize them appropriately, invest in them, and protect them from all the things that distract us.
Good relationships require time and effort. Find out how to make time for your most important relationships and learn seven ways to improve your relationships.
The first act of love is attention. When we share our full attention with the people in our life, we create deeper connections and help both the people we love and ourselves to experience a happier life.
Everyone wants to find love and to be happy, but we end up looking in all the wrong places. This may be because both love and happiness are hard to define. Find out what the Bible and science say about what they mean and how we can find them.
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