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If you want a deeper spiritual connection, there’s no better place to start than the prayer Jesus taught his disciples. It is familiar and simple, but it still has the power to change your life today.
Staying in love is not something that just happens if you find the right person. It takes consistent effort and investment over time, and there are specific daily and weekly practices that can help you stay in love forever.
Relationships are hard, but they’re also vital. Our annual relationship series is back to help you strengthen and prepare for your most important relationships!

Love Leads to Courage

February 13, 2022
Where do you find the courage to love after you have been hurt—or after you’ve hurt those you love? It takes courage both to love and to be loved, and Jesus tells a story about how a love bigger than the past can change everything.
Courage is not a one-time need; it's something we need for the long haul. How do you sustain things like a marriage, career, and parenthood that require courage over a lifetime? In part five of the Courage sermon series, we explore how Jesus equips us with courage that endures.

The Hope of Courage

January 30, 2022
In the face of all the pain and suffering in our world, we want to act courageously to make a difference. Without hope, though, the problems we face seem insurmountable.…

The Candor of Courage

January 23, 2022
It’s not easy to tell someone something they won’t want to hear—either we deliver the message too forcefully, or we avoid the conversation altogether. Yet these courageous conversations can help people grow and transform our relationships, and Jesus shows us how to have them well.
When we know the right thing to do but are afraid of what could happen if we do it, conviction makes all the difference. Jesus shows us through his example…

What is Courage?

January 9, 2022
We face situations every day that require courage, but sometimes, fear gets in the way. What would your 2022 look like if you were fully engaged in a courageous community…
As a new year begins, we dream of all the things we’d like to do and accomplish. If we really want to have a better 2022, though, we can’t just focus on accomplishments. We have to become better ourselves. 
On the day after Christmas, it’s easy to feel like things have gone back to normal. But on the day after the first Christmas, everything was different—and Jesus still makes everything different today.
Jesus came to bring light into darkness. At Christmas, we celebrate that the light has come into the world, and the darkness cannot overcome it!
There is no shortage of pain and darkness in the world. While the causes are complex, sharing love and light this Christmas is very simple: we simply have to follow Jesus’ command to love one another.
No one likes to be judged, but it’s easy to fall into being judgmental around the holidays—towards others as well as ourselves. Yet judgment and joy can’t coexist, and when we let go of judgment, we can fully embrace the joy of Christmas.
While we may long for the perfect Christmas, when things don't go according to plan, we're inevitably disappointed. But when we can let go of perfectionism, we can experience the…

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