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There are few things more powerful than a community of people that is strong and healthy, but too often, communities are neither, focusing more on convenience, greed, and image management than supporting one another. In the Acts 2 church, we see an inspired example is possible when we become a community that gives life.

Never Alone

May 23, 2021
On Pentecost Sunday, the Holy Spirit came and filled the followers of Jesus, and because the same Spirit is present in us, we are never alone.
Life is richer when we share it with other people—as long as we can figure out how to live with them. At the conclusion of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus shares wisdom about how to live with other people in such a way that our life is built on a firm foundation.
Christianity is more than “not doing anything wrong.” Christianity answers the two great questions we all have to answer: “Who is really well off and “Who is a genuinely good person?”
The Lord’s Prayer has been prayed by our community thousands of times. Every time we gather to worship, we say this prayer. Why? It is powerful. It reminds us of who God is, who we are and what we need, and how the world really works.
Our life in Christ is never for show, for selfishness, or for harm. This week, Jesus in His Own Words teaches us how to pray, how to fast, and what God really expects when we help others.
Our anger is nothing more than our wounded ego, our not getting our way or what we want. And this is where Jesus comes in and has the answers to…
Pastor Mark begins a new sermon series, “Jesus in His Own Words,” which teaches from the Sermon on the Mount. There we find that we are invited to be a…
Christ is risen! Christ is risen indeed! Today we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the gift of salvation that we have received.
After we push out a lot of adrenaline preaching, performing, taking a test, having a tough talk or coaching session, after enjoying a thrilling sporting event, what comes next is…
A stressful lifestyle, being overworked, under-challenged, time pressure, caring for an ill relative, and unresolved conflicts with colleagues all contribute to stress and possible burnout. Any extreme commitment that results in neglecting your own needs, may lead to burnout. This week Pastor Mark helps us understand how to overcome burnout, and how to live today so that we can thrive tomorrow.
In his book, "Didn't See It Coming," pastor Carey Nieuwhof writes, "Pride will cost you friendships, intimacy, respect, lost opportunities, rest, peace of mind, wisdom, and even money." In this…
Despite our digital connections, many of us are feeling more disconnected than ever, and loneliness is growing at an alarming rate. Jesus shows us how we can overcome loneliness and experience a life of connection and love.
Lack of character kills careers, shatters families, and ruins friendships. Character matters because you bring who you are into everything you do. When we open ourselves to the love of Jesus, we can become the kind of people who bring goodness every place we go.
As we age, it’s easy to become cynical, but cynicism is a choice. Instead of giving in to cynicism, we can choose to hold on to hope.

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