Becoming Human Again

September 10, 2023
Technology enables us to do amazing things. Yet despite these advances, our well-being is diminishing by many measures. Too often, heavy device use leaves us feeling less human when we’re done. Jesus, however, came to give us abundant life, and he shows us how we can begin to reclaim our humanity: putting relationships before technology.
We like to think that the things we pursue are freely chosen, but we rarely realize how much our desires are shaped by the people and media we pay attention to. In the final chapter of Philippians, Paul shares the secret to being content in all circumstances and living a life worth wanting.
We like to hope that in the crucial moments of our lives, we'll rise to the occasion. Unfortunately, what actually happens is that we fall to the level of our training and preparation. If we want to become more resilient, we have to train. An ancient Christian practice helps us as we train to become more resilient and more like Jesus.
If we base our identity on our success or others’ approval, we’re going to be in for a rough time when we fail or when others are upset with us. Instead, we can ground our identity in who God says we are: God’s beloved children. When we do, we can keep going even in the midst of stress, chaos, and loss.