When they encountered Jesus’ empty tomb, the women who came there felt terror and amazement and ran away. Eventually, though, they told others of Jesus rising from the dead. At the end of the Gospel of Mark, we are faced with the same question they faced: how will we respond to the Good News of Jesus?
When Jesus describes wars, suffering, and starts falling from the sky, it can be confusing and even scary. But when he teaches about these things, he’s actually preparing the disciples for the cross and resurrection. As we read those words today, they help us to bear witness to the cross and live the resurrection in our daily lives.
Jesus invites us to follow him. And while it’s simple, it’s not easy. To follow Jesus is to find ourselves face to face with the needs of the world and the evils of the world. Yet he also not only promises that he’ll always be with us, but that he’ll send us with companions on the journey as well.
Jesus’ life is good news for the world, and in the Gospel of Mark, we learn what that good news means for our everyday lives. In this series, we’ll explore how we can experience his good news for ourselves and be part of his mission to share it with the world.