Be Kind

January 22, 2023
Kindness is not a weakness. In fact, it can actually lower blood pressure, improve sleep, and strengthen immune systems. We are made for loving kindness, and when we choose to be kind, we bless others and create a kinder world.

Be Just

January 15, 2023
On Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, the prophet Micah reminds us what God requires of us: to do justice. The long fight for economic justice, racial justice, and any other kind of justice takes intentional planning. Justice doesn’t “just happen.” According to Micah, it is something we do.

A New Year – A New You

January 1, 2023
When we are baptized, Jesus invites us into a new life. As a new year begins, we invite you to experience newness of life by remembering your baptism or saying yes to Jesus and being baptized for the first time.
Hope can seem to be in short supply some days, and that can especially be true at the holidays. Yet hope is more than a feeling or a wish. Hope is an expectation, trust, and desire for a good outcome. And, as we learn from Mary’s story, hope is knowing God will show us what to do when we need to do it.
In our more honest moments, we recognize that Christmas can be a time of fear and anxiety. What will happen when I sit next to the empty chair where my loved one used to sit? Do we have enough money to buy all the presents for my family, friends? Can I keep it together the whole time we are visiting family? These are real. And, there is hope. In a scary world, home is a place where we can be safe.
The early church was compelling not because of what they believed, but how they behaved. In a chaotic culture of division, the first Christians were a peaceful presence who welcomed all, loved authentically, and let their light shine. Let’s do that again.