When Christians call Jesus Christ our Lord, it's not just an empty title. It's a radical statement that means Jesus is our supreme ruler and that no one and no thing can challenge or rival his authority in our lives. In week 2 of We Believe, Pastor Mark shares how this statement can change our lives.


September 11, 2022
What does it mean to believe? In week one of our sermon series, “We Believe: What Christians Believe and Why” we look at some of the earliest Christian statements of belief and how they came to be. We start with “I believe in God the Father Almighty.”
As children, we naturally feel like life is all about us. If we’re honest, many of us also feel that way as adults. But Jesus teaches us that our lives are not about us, but something much greater. In today’s message, Pastor Mark shares why this is good news, and he interviews Acts 2 member Jenny Herzberger about what she has learned since her cancer diagnosis nearly ten years ago.
We want our lives to matter, and we desperately try to prove to others that they do matter. We want to be seen as important, but seeking importance actually takes us further away from true greatness. This week, we explore the liberating truth that we are not that important, and why that’s actually good news.
It’s not a stretch to say that we are currently living at the most comfortable time in history, but at what cost? This instant society has a shadow side. How do we ever achieve greatness or even know what greatness looks like if everything is easy?