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Our past wounds can continue to damage our relationships in the present. Jesus shows us how we can do the work recovery and healing so we can strengthen our relationships and families.
It’s possible to grow up physically while remaining a child emotionally and spiritually, but God invites us to achieve adulthood so that we can experience a life of wisdom and joy.
One of our most difficult relationship challenges is how to have healthy attachments while maintaining separateness. Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries can help us have a more peaceful, less chaotic, and more joyful life. 
We all need a place where we know we will be unconditionally cherished. Yet all families are flawed and, therefore, dysfunctional in some way or another. With God’s help, we can find freedom from past hurts and begin to move into healthier relationships where our loved ones know how cherished they are.

Better in Public

January 17, 2021
The divisions in our country are a serious problem, and as recent events have made clear, our public actions matter. Dr. Mark Foster explores how God calls us to be “Better in Public,” and three public figures from our church will share their understanding of their call to a public life.

Better in Person

January 10, 2021
Relationships are at the core of what it means to be human, but they’re are also really hard. In his life, Jesus prioritized relationships over efficiency, and he shows us how we can become better in person with others.

Better in Private

January 3, 2021
With a new year, we’re all hoping for better, but 2021 will only be better if the people living on the planet choose to become better. We have that choice today.
Though the decorations may come down, Christmas doesn’t have to give way to the same kind of new year.
The Good News of Christmas is that God came to save. This light of Christ is the light of the world that changes everything!
Christmas isn’t your birthday—it’s Jesus' birthday! So what if our celebrations focused less on our wants and more on Jesus’ wish list?
With all we're facing this year, a baby in a manger doesn't seem like enough. But Christmas is about much more than a baby. It's about a different kind of King.
We all want a perfect Christmas, but what if our quest for perfection is getting in the way of something better? Pastor Brandon explores the first Christmas and what is possible when we give up on perfect.
We dream of Christmas joy and peace, but too often, overspending, overeating, and over-worrying make us miserable. How can we cut through the hype and exhaustion? Jesus gives us hope for a different kind of Christmas.
Forgiveness does not come easily, but if we don’t learn to forgive, we will never be free. Fortunately, Jesus gives us an example and instruction for how to forgive and experience the freedom and reconciliation that forgiveness brings.
“I’m sorry.” It’s nice to hear, but hard to say. Yet these words are crucial if we’re to experience healing and reconciliation in our most important relationships. Rev. Brandon Blacksten shares how we can apologize well and be reconciled to God and others.

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