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In a world of “soundbites,” “headlines,” and “memes,” it can be difficult to get to the truth of what someone is saying. In this sermon, Dr. Mark summarizes the Sermon on the Mount covering the highlights of Matthew chapters five, six, and seven to allow us to hear the sermon as a whole. Jesus is not giving us advice or another set of restrictive rules. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus is teaching us that it is possible to become like Him in this life and live with him forever in the next!
In a world filled with condemnation, the church can be a "community of prayerful love." Through offering compassion (and not condemnation!) and through prayer, we can look more and more like the community Jesus described in Matthew 7.
We all experience worry—sometimes to the point that we can't think of anything else. But our worries can tell us what we truly treasure. Jesus teaches that when we learn to treasure what God treasures, we can let go of worry and find freedom.
One of the primary hinderances to our ability to connect with God is the desire for the approval of others. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus shares how to overcome this challenge and teaches us to live beyond the opinion of others.

Who is really well off? What is the good life? Dr. Mark Foster explores these questions in the first installment of our new series on Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, "The Best Teaching You'll Ever Hear."
We can go out in Jesus' protection and power because all authority on heaven and earth are his. He is Christ Pantocrator, Ruler of All. Be not afraid. We are in the wonderful and loving reign of Jesus the Christ.
We're often tempted to take the easy way out, but when we do so, we're like workers who build on a foundation of sand. Jesus shows us a better way, and when we build on the foundation of his teaching, we build a life that can endure.
When building something, we start with the instructions, but instructions can't tell us how to deal with every situation. By exploring one of the most well-known sets of instructions—the Ten Commandments—we discover a pattern that shows us a way of life that's based in love.
In the book of Acts, the Antioch Church was a church that dug deep and reached out. Like them, we too can dig deep with devotion, encouragement, and discipleship, as well as reach out through the Holy Spirit, to diverse groups, in love.
When we face transitions in life, we often must leave our comfort zones to reach the destination God desires for us. Rev. Andy and Melissa Nelms share about the apostles' adaptation to new circumstances in Acts 10 and how we can adapt when God calls us off the beaten path.
When we head into uncharted territory, we need a community around us if we are to reach our goal. When the church was born, the disciples had to learn a new way of living together, and God used their new community to transform the world.
After he ascended into heaven, Jesus gave the disciples a task that was beyond their ability. But at Pentecost, the Holy Spirit filled them and gave them power to do things they previously could only have dreamt of. And the same Holy Spirit promises to fill, empower, and guide us today.
At some point, we all realize that what got us here will not get us where we need to go. Jesus' disciples faced that situation when he ascended into heaven, and he gave them a mission that was beyond anything they had ever done before. Their response teaches us how we can respond when we enter uncharted territory.


May 26, 2019
Jesus said, "Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks." Our words and actions flow from what we treasure in our hearts. When we treasure the word of Christ and the love of God within our hearts, we can overflow with love and kindness.

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