Vacation Bible School. Crafts, cookies with the orange drink, songs you can still sing (Deep & Wide) and stories you can still fully animate (Zacchaeus was a Wee Little Man) all rush back when you hear those words. VBS is the event of the summer, and at Acts 2, we hope it’s the week your kids just can’t miss.

Bible School dates back to the 1870s when a Methodist Episcopal Church in New York began a Summer Sunday School Institute open to the public regardless of denomination. Many of these were aimed at adults, but classes for kids soon followed as Sunday School teachers felt limited by teaching time for children on Sunday’s and noted the idleness of these same children during the summer. Vacation Bible School was born!

It’s just not summer without VBS! Acts 2 offers kids and volunteers time to dig deeper into God’s word in a way that is meaningful and lasting. Our VBS engages all in Jesus’ word through skits, music, recreation, science, crafts, and even snacks (much improved from the cookies and orange drink). Our awesome volunteers purposely design all of these areas to build and complement the nightly story.

Acts 2 VBS may be one of the latest in the area, and we like to think it allows kids to transition back to school firmly knowing God’s unconditional love for them. Realizing that many 4-year-olds are preparing to attend school for the first time, we offer a slightly modified VBS for these 4-year-old Pre-K students. We couldn’t be more excited! As these kids begin their first year of school, why not equip them like our older kids with God’s word and love? We can’t wait to share the excitement of VBS with this age group!

Block Party VBS will be the perfect way to top off your summer! It takes lots of hands to make it possible, but the reward is immeasurable. Won’t you join us in making this year the best year ever? Register a child for VBS or sign up to volunteer today.

Joetta, Christie, & Angel

2019 VBS Decorations Coordinators and 2018 VBS Directors

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