When my wife, Jonalyn, and I first moved back to Oklahoma after 16 years in Colorado, it seemed logical that we would go back to the church we had left. After 3 years, it finally dawned on us that something was missing. Had we changed or had the church changed? Anyway, we began looking for a new experience that was more in keeping with our newly found spiritual goals. We wanted some of the traditional worship but with a more contemporary feel. After visiting several churches, we came to Acts 2. It was as though our spiritual needs were answered in one place. After hearing several of Pastor Mark’s messages and taking communion every Sunday, we knew this was “our” church. Communion every Sunday is huge for us, because it is a personal experience of the “new” covenant that Jesus made with all who believe in His name. Also, an emphasis on prayer stood out as a necessary aspect of our Christian walk.

After knowing that we wanted to serve and worship here, we became members in 2010. We began by volunteering for greeting and serving communion. After becoming involved in adult classes, both as participants and in leadership roles, we noticed a great emphasis on children and youth programs. So we became involved serving in a confirmation class and children’s Sunday morning classes. We sensed a great need in today’s culture for children and youth to have Christian principles instilled in their thinking to counteract some of the mixed and harmful messages offered by society. This emphasis on youth even more solidified our commitment that “our” church was on the right road in today’s culture.

As the church grew, so did the need for additional space for worship and programming. This need for additional space was partially satisfied with our expansion in 2014 and we were glad to participate. However, continued growth, particularly in our children and youth programs, has once again called us to provide dedicated space in order to meet the needs of the community.

As we move into this season “4 the Kids,” the spiritual side of our quest will become increasingly important. We will be called upon to raise our voices in prayer as the Holy Spirit moves in each of us to make our vision a reality. To witness the power of prayer will be an awesome experience for all of us. What a privilege we have to expand God’s Kingdom through our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service and our witness. It is an exciting time for our kids and our church.

In the coming days, be watching for some inspiring testimonies we will be sharing. Also, please save the date for Friday, May 11, for a set-apart time of prayer. We’ll kick off a 24-hour time of prayer “4 the Kids” that night following One Church worship. Please plan to join in prayer by signing up for a time slot to come pray in the Acts 2 Sanctuary.

Praying with you,
David and Jonalyn Padgett

David is our Acts 2 and “4 the Kids” prayer leader.

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