We long to find peace in the midst of struggle, and not only as individuals, but in our communities and world as well. We are called to be people of peace in a chaotic world. The good news is Jesus makes peace in this life possible. Dr. Mark Foster explores the Bible's teaching and how to live a life of peace.
At Christmas, we are all longing for peace, but often find stress instead. Yet, peace is possible! God is One who gives peace to all, and this peace is seen so clearly in Jesus. This Christmas season, may we slow down and receive the peace God freely offers.
The season of Christmas lays bare the deepest longings of our heart, and in a world of violence, division, and suffering, we’re desperate for hope. In the 8th century BC, the prophet Isaiah spoke of the birth of a ruler who would establish peace and rule with justice and righteousness, and who continues to give us hope today.
Jesus is the One who brings hope, even when we find ourselves in situations that seem hopeless. As we follow Jesus, our Living Hope, we can share his great hope with those around us. Also, as a church, we believe fellowship and discussion are important. Following this brief message, there are some questions that we discussed around tables on Friday night. You are invited to listen to them and reflect upon them.