At the Cross

April 5, 2020
On his journey toward the cross, Jesus' words and actions revealed who he truly is, and they exemplify for us the essential practices at the core of following him: prayer, reading scripture, serving others, giving, and sharing. Dr. Mark Foster shares what the final days of Jesus' life teach us about who he is and what it means to follow him.
What will you share in this crisis, faith or fear? When the story is told about how you led your family through this time, will it be a story you want told? Will it be a story where you shared your faith, or shrank in fear? We have the opportunity to share hope in the midst of crisis. In this sermon, Dr. Mark Foster shares how.

How to Help

March 15, 2020
Following Jesus is more than just not doing anything wrong. Following Jesus is more than your individual salvation. Following Jesus includes action like providing food, clothing, health care, and education for those who need it. This is what it means to love our neighbors as ourself. This may be both inconvenient and costly. It was for Jesus. Dr. Mark Foster shares “How to Help” through sharing the words of Jesus and the witness of the church.
Jesus, by his miraculous power, is able to feed 5,000+ people with a few loaves of bread and fish. And he does so by empowering his disciples to serve the crowds. Today, Jesus is still equipping and empowering ordinary people like you and me to serve others.
Americans are fond of the Bible, but most rarely read it. We lead busy lives, and the Bible can be a difficult book to understand. But when we read the Bible, we encounter the living Word of God--Jesus Christ--and we learn to walk with him. In this sermon, Rev. Brandon Blacksten shares practical ways you can approach the Bible to encounter God in its pages.
We've all been there before. We feel too busy to even eat. Thankfully, Jesus calls us out of the busyness to rest in him. In Mark 6, Jesus says to his disciples, "Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while." When we answer his call, we can begin to experience his rest.
Worship is not something we watch or attend. Worship is something we do! Worship is our response to God’s invitation. In this sermon Dr. Mark Foster shows us how worship and prayer are foundational practices of the Christian faith. Learn a simple hand prayer you can share with your children or grandchildren. This message is one you can put into practice today.