Why did Jesus teach his disciples to pray, "Lead us not into temptation?" Does God lead us into temptation? In week five of The Lord's Prayer series, we look at temptation and how we can keep it from wrecking our lives.
It’s hard to forgive someone who has hurt us, but holding onto past hurts can actually hurt us more: unforgiveness is linked to heart disease, high blood pressure, stress, and poor mental health. Learning to forgive can set both parties free, and Jesus shows us how.
"Our daily bread" is about much more than just our need for food, and it's about much more than our individual needs. When we pray this prayer, we are asking God to provide for us and use us to meet the world's deepest needs.
Sometimes we think life would be better if we got everything we wanted, but often, our desires are not all they’re cracked up to be. As we learn to pray, “Thy will be done,” we find that God’s will and desires for the world are better than we could have imagined.